Everyone is still in disbelief at the tragedy in Uvalde. How can someone go after young children like that? So now instead of having fun family vacations, these families are having funerals.

It's a miserable way to start the summer. Your hearts go out to these families and the fact it happened in Texas seems to mean even more. This is our state. This is not supposed to happen here.

So you want to help but you want to make sure that the money goes where they say its going. That is why this is the best way to go.

Bubba's 33 is stepping up to help in a big way. You can take your family out to eat today. Go out to lunch with your coworkers. I mean just make your plans to head over to Bubba's 33.

They are sending 100% of their proceeds today out to Uvalde. You don't have to mention anything. You don't have to have the flier. Just go out to eat. I reached out to Michael over at Bubba's just to verify.

Sometimes you see stuff and you just want to make sure. He said yes, this was happening all day. So it's always a struggle to decide "what's for dinner?" or "where should we go for lunch?". Today should not be a tough decision.

Go eat where you will not only get a great meal but you will help the families who had their whole life stolen from them. I know where we are going to eat at least once today. Oh and if you have family and friends in other parts of Texas and Albuquerque as long as they have a Bubba's they are helping Uvalde too.

credit: Bubba's 33
credit: Bubba's 33

We know the money will get to where it will be needed the most.

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