Texas has always been an interesting place when it comes to its laws and things you can and cannot do. Some of the strangest things are against the law here, like not being allowed to drink more than three sips of an alcoholic beverage while standing. Yes, that's a real law in LeFors, TX.

Did you know you couldn't even buy beer in Lubbock freely until 2009? So it's not all that surprising when we begin the talk about marijuana not being legal in Texas.

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Yes, a lot of states around the country have started to legalize marijuana and in some places, it's been legal for years. States have realized the benefits from a tax standpoint as to just how much money marijuana can bring in, and those states have embraced it.

Texas is not one of those states, and it could be a very, VERY long time before they ever allow that kind of thing to happen. There are still dry counties in Texas, where you can't buy alcohol if you live with in the county, so getting lawmakers and citizens to pass it to where marijuana is legal is probably one of the most far-fetched ideas you could think of.

A lot of people feel the only way marijuana will become legalized here in Texas is if it is federally legalized, then there is nothing the state can do about keeping it out from that standpoint. However, I feel like that isn't entirely true because of the fact that we still have a few dry counties still, and alcohol has LONG been legalized federally.

Marijuana isn't the only thing that needs to be legalized. I find it very interesting that we can have horse tracks where you can go and bet on races legally, but you can't setup an online account to bet on them that way. That is so strange to me. Why allow it one way but not another?

It's going to be a very long time before Texas will see marijuana legalized, so we should probably just give up the fight, right?

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