Ok, so I've been seeing all this talk about how Amarillo and the surrounding area is going to have a milder winter. I was all for it.

Then yesterday happened, and I thought to myself, yeah right.

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Let's rewind a bit here. Yes, it got windy over the weekend so we knew SOMETHING was blowing in. However, the temps were hanging out in the upper 60s and lower 70s. I mean, I was outside grilling on Saturday and super comfortable doing it.

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Then Monday hits. I wake up at around 6 am every morning, then check the weather to see what I need to pull out of the wardrobe. The temperature at that time was around 52 degrees...and that's as warm as it would be all day it said.

I thought to myself no way this can be right. Sure enough, it was. As the day progressed, the temperature steadily fell. When the boy and I ran to the store to grab some stuff for dinner, the car said it was a balmy 37 degrees, and I'm convinced I saw some of that wet snow falling from the sky.

This morning, I woke up and it was nearly freezing with a temp around 35 degrees. I go out to the car to head to work and it looks like there's dew on the windshield. I get in the car, hit the windshield wipers, and they're stuck.

Yeah, ice on the window.

Now how are you going to tell me the temps are going to be milder this winter when on October 25th, I'm scraping my windshield? I get that a lot of people live and die by the almanac, but there is NO WAY we can be expecting a milder winter if we're already dealing with this in October.

Let's be real, the city already had the vehicles ready for winter treatment of the roads and highways yesterday. That doesn't scream milder winter.

Take a look at what the almanac says winter will be like in the region here. Then tell me you agree with it.

Hey Amarillo weather, you're drunk. Go home.

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