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Opinion: I was excited to give the Flamin' Hot Cheetos macaroni and cheese a try. I like spicy foods. I love mac and cheese. It should have been a slam dunk.

I have some complaints.

First, when you get done making the mac and cheese it looks nothing like it does on the box. We're all aware that food never looks as good as it does on TV or on the menu, but this made me giggle.

Instead of being red and looking anything at all like Flamin' Hot Cheetos, they came out pink. Instead of a bowl of Cheeto-esque noodles, I had spicy unicorn horns.

Second was the flavor. Imagine you took a wet noodle, dipped it in a bag of pepper, and then popped that bad boy in your mouth. That's as close as I can get to describing the flavor.

This all being said, I have to admit I did eat every single last morsel. I couldn't stop. The more I tried to figure out exactly what it was I was eating, the more of it I had to have.

I found myself lost in recurring loop of asking myself why I would continue eating this culinary oddity, while simultaneously shoveling more in my mouth.

Eating the Flamin' Hot Cheetos mac and cheese gives you the same feeling you get when you aren't sure whether to laugh or cry, so you just go on auto-pilot and vacuum the whole house in a daze.

I'm conflicted on whether or not to recommend these to anyone. If you like spicy foods, that are hot just for the sake of being hot, then you'll probably like them. Fans of the insanely hot noodles that went viral a couple of years ago will love this.

If you want more flavor than heat in your food, you'll most likely be happier with something else.

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