I was talking with a family member recently, and they told me that their office is beginning to plan on how they were going to bring everyone back into the office. Honestly, I think we should all keep working from home (if possible) and here's why.

1.) No Smelling Someone's "Ethnic" Lunch Choice

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

It is absolutely wonderful if you have a world traveled pallet. That doesn't mean the rest of us need to smell the leftovers from last nights culinary trip around the world. Working from home means none of us are distracted by the awful smells coming from the communal microwave.

2.) No Bathroom Conversations

It never fails, but there is always that person that tries to catch-up with you while you are...busy. Working from home means no awkward dodging of conversations while you're busy answering Nature's call.

3.) No Photos Of How Someone Spent Their Time At Home

charlie dogs
Charlie Hardin

This is the worst. Someone will want to show you an entire gallery of photos of their pet or sleeping baby from their time spent at home. Out of common decency, you'll pretend to care. Productivity goes down due to you having your soul sucked from you through a boredom laced straw.

4.) No Dealing With Someone's Poor Taste In Music

There's always that one 40-something-year-old that really works hard at remaining "cool." This is the person that blasts mumble rap from their cubicle and calls you "bro" or "dude." While at home, you can enjoy silence or whatever you want infiltrating your ears. No Lil' What's-His-Face talking about Gucci, which we can't afford, and don't care about.

5.) No Listening To How Brave Or Smart Someone Was During The Ongoing Pandemic

We all have a "John McClane" in the office. That person that thinks they're the hero of an action movie. Working from home means you don't have to hear about how they never wore a mask, knew this was no big deal, weren't ever scared, and knew it was all some government conspiracy. You can work in peace without being drug into a segment from Infowars.

Working from home can be great for productivity and sanity when you stop to think about it. At least with the kids, we can throw a tablet or video game their way and get some work done.

It's hard to get away from your "office-mates."

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