It's part of growing up and living on the Plains. At some point, everyone develops an eye for weather. Tomorrow (Thursday 2/18/21), the National Weather Service in Amarillo is hosting a virtual Basic Skywarn Spotter Class.

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We all have that one friend that thinks they know it all when it comes to weather. The sky gets a little dark and they start spouting off buzz words and phrases. As impressive as it may seem, they usually hardly know what they're talking about.

You could one-up your know-it-all friend by attending the virtual Basic Skywarn Spotter Class. You'll get the fundamentals, and you'll get to dig a little deeper.

Since most of us already keep up with the weather, the course for our area will feature some more advanced material.

You will need to carve out two hours of your time to take the course. It lasts from 7PM to 9PM. You'll also want to make sure you have a stable connection to the Internet. If you don't, the video and audio quality of the virtual class could suffer.

Now would be a great time to take the course. We're not too far away from severe weather season. Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are soon to become a part of life as we head towards spring.

If you can't make the class tomorrow night, there will be other chances to attend. This is just the first class of the season. They will be offering a total of 10 classes through March, so you'll have plenty of chances to sign up and go through the course.

You can get more info and RSVP by following this link.

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