We've spent a lot of time at home, thanks to Covid-19. When everything is shut down and cancelled, you end up having a lot of time to sit and think. Inevitably, it's likely that you got to thinking about your current line of work. For some, the choice to make a career change is one thrust upon them by being laid off. For others, it comes from having time to think about where we are in life and our priorities.

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If you're looking to get into a new line of work, and enjoy all things aquatic, the Amarillo Environmental Health Department is going to be having a Certified Pool Technician course.

I have a feeling this goes a little bit deeper than just being your run-of-the-mill pool boy. I can fish leaves out of a cement pond with a net. Dealing with PH levels, though, that's another story.

You can get more info by following this link.

I've noticed recently that all of my friends who are around my age are thinking about switching careers. Most of us have spent our young professional lives indoors, in an office, staring at computer monitors.

They're all longing for fresh air and sunshine. They want blisters instead of spreadsheets. They want to trade their neckties for sweat.

While being a certified pool technician may not give you the callouses you crave, it does sound like something that will definitely get you outdoors.

Looking at an older description of the job title, it's a job that is all about maintaining a pool. I was worried this might be some new "modern" way of saying lifeguard.

If you want to take the course, you need to act fast. The course runs March 2-3. That's tomorrow.

If you miss out on these dates, there will be courses again in April and May. Follow this link for more info.

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