One of the best ways to find yourself a job is to have a trade that you're skilled at. There are a lot of different types of jobs that are high in demand, but don't have the properly skilled people to be able to execute those jobs.

However, in order to become certified for these skill positions, you have to either go back to school or take a course. The problem with those options is that they both tend to have some sort of cost associated with them.

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When you're without a job or barely getting by because of your current job, finding the money for these things can be extremely difficult and prevent you from doing it. Well, the City of Amarillo has decided to hop in and offer you the training needed for a skilled profession...for free.

The Environmental Health Department for the city is offering up FREE certified pool operator courses and certified pool technician courses for the rest of this year as well as into next year.

These courses will each span the course of two full days from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day and by the end of those two days, you'll be a certified pool technician or pool operator. Think about how many pools there are in the panhandle. You could stay busy.

There is one class available to take this year for the certified pool operator, and it'll happen October 26-27 at City Hall in room 105.

All other classes will be held in 2024. There will be 40 slots available per class, so you'll want to get signed up fast. You can do that by calling 806-378-9472.

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