In a world full of different types of sports, one has taken at least the United States by storm. So much so that even Canyon has built their own courts, and they're always busy when I'm in the area.

Pickleball is the name, and it's a mixture of tennis and ping pong in essence, with its own quirky rules of course.

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The courts they built in Canyon never seem to be empty after work and they'll go as long as they can. Well it's not just Canyon and the panhandle area that's seeing a rise in popularity of the sport, it's all over the place.

So much so that the indoor pickleball club "The Picklr" has announced a huge expansion, and they are building places in Texas. They're about to embark on 80 new facilities for people to play at and 13 new franchises around the country.

Texas is going to get six locations and it appears they will be spread out between Austin, Dallas, and Ft. Worth. Yes, they're starting in the big cities as always.

The Picklr
The Picklr

The Picklr has some incredible facilities as you can see above. We're talking professional style courts, air conditioning (which we could ALL use), and everything you could possibly need. Unfortunately, we won't be getting this in least this time around.

There is no estimated completion time as of yet, but hey, if you're willing to make the drive, they have all sorts of different leagues and tournaments that go on throughout the year.

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