The population isn't the only thing growing in Amarillo. We're starting to see quite the influx of food trucks popping up around the city, and I'm all for it. I swear some of the best food I've had has come from food trucks.

Canyon has had a couple of new ones pop up that have been receiving rave reviews.

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The first one we take a look at is Kham yum yum. The definition on their Facebook page of what this food truck serves is considered Thai Lao street food. Personally, I've never heard of Thai Lao anything, so I was naturally intrigued by the cuisine.

I gotta tell ya, just looking at the menu I see some things that make me want to go and check it out.

One of the menu items is a beef jerky with sticky rice, both things which I love, so putting these together just seems oh so natural to me. The Pad Kea Mao looks truly amazing as well. There's chicken, basil, and peppers in this bad boy and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

The other food truck we're highlighting here is Madras Kitchen. This is an Indian cuisine food truck roaming around Canyon, and the menu, while small, looks absolutely delicious.

Items that look like highlights, at least to me, are the Butter curry with Rice/Naan and the Coconut curry with Rice/Naan. Both of these sound absolutely divine to me. I'm definitely starting my meal with the Oven roasted Tandoori Chicken appetizer, because you just have to.

Both of these trucks are receiving rave reviews and you can check out their Facebook pages linked here to find out where they'll be!

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