School closures can be a polarizing thing, right?

Kids feverishly celebrate the fact that they get a free day at home.

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Parents however lament the fact that now they either have to miss work to be at home with them, or find a daycare facility that does drop-in's.

Most people find out about school closures on social media outlets or the news. Just a simple note that says "Amarillo ISD: CLOSED" and that's it.

Leave it to the fine folks at River Road ISD to at least take some of the parental frustration away with this.

Best...thing...ever. I had no idea. Vanilla Ice was actually the superintendent at River Road ISD. Ok, so it's not really Robert Van Winkle.

River Road ISD
River Road ISD

Meet Richard Kelley, the man behind the most creative message ever sent out in the history of school closures due to weather.

Playing off the hip-hop classic "Ice Ice Baby", Mr. Kelley changed up all the lyrics in the song to announce that the district would be closed due to weather.

Performed by "DJ Wildcat", which may or may not be Kelley himself, starts off with the same line Vanilla Ice did in his classic. Then things start to change up.

"Ice is back and the roads will glisten" is the next line in the song, and it couldn't be more representative of what the roads look like on a day like this.

"Sleet falling down like a million missiles, bringing school delays and early dismissals" might be the money line in this ditty though. We all know sleet hurts when it hits you, so likening it to missiles feels pretty appropriate.

The announcement of no school finally hits after the "ice ice baby" line kicks in with "NO SCHOOL TOMORROW" said louder than any part in the song.

Hands down the most creative way I've heard or seen a school closure. Kudos to River Road ISD for at least giving us parents a good laugh in the midst of having to change our entire day.

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