Look, there are some places on the internet that I absolutely love to visit.

Some sites provide me with a good laugh, some catch me up on happenings, etc.

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The Amarillo Reddit page has been one of my favorites to scroll through since I got to town. I was able to find different places to go, things in the city that I should try out and a whole lot of other great things.

However, I'm starting to grow a little bored with it. You see, it's starting to turn into a place for personal ads and people looking for dates. Not what I came to Reddit for.

I totally get using it to say, "hey, these are my interests. Are there any groups or people that get together around XYZ interests?". That to me is perfectly acceptable, especially for people just moving into the city.

The problem is those threads have started to disappear and been replaced with, "hey, my name is XYZ and I just moved here. Looking to find a woman/man to go out to dinner with and maybe have a relationship with".

I'm gonna be real, I don't know that Reddit is the best place to find the future Mrs. or Mr. There are SO many different dating apps out there for that sort of thing. You're gonna have your pick of plenty of people to give a shot, and more than likely have a much better chance of finding true love from one of those.

To take it a step further, I'm seeing random pics of women pop up with messages like, "I'm in town for a few days and looking for someone to hang out with." I don't know about you, but that raises a whole host of red flags for me. Use your imagination.

I guess what I'm getting at is, I want the old Reddit back. The one where people got into arguments and fights over silly stuff, but also provided me with things the family and I can go do. Let's move cupid back to the dating apps.

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