Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them drive cars and bring you pizza.

We got a big shock today when a delivery of pizzas came to the office. At first we thought we had been the victim of a classic prank. Then, we found out these pizzas were a way to say thank you.

La Bella Pizza on Olsen asked their delivery drivers what radio stations they listened to while they were out on the road. We were told that we, and our sister stations at Townsquare Media, were the ones their drivers listened to most.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

They thanked us for keeping their drivers entertained while they're out making deliveries. I say that's backwards. I appreciate the pizza, but it is we who should be thanking you.

You don't get enough credit for being in-and-out of the cold during the winter, driving through Amarillo traffic, having your car smell like whatever abomination my stomach demanded, and for doing it all in a timely fashion.

La Bella Pizza on Olsen is a bit different from the other La Bellas. I found out that not only do they have pizza, but they also do everything from ribs to seafood. They also have options for just about anyone who suffers from every allergy you can imagine.

They also deliver alcohol. If you recall, it recently became legal in Texas. They have a massive beer menu, wine, frozen drinks, and keep the selection constantly changing. Plus, I hear rumors they're about to have pickle beer.

So, thank you La Bella on Olsen for the pizzas.

And thank you, delivery drivers for having us on while you work.

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