If are ready to graduate from sitting on the couch in your underwear watching Live PD, to actually getting first hand experience behind-the-scenes, you need to sign up. Randall County Sheriff's Citizen Academy kicks off next month.

First and foremost, the Citizen Academy is free to attend. You're going to get 12 WEEKS of seeing what life is like behind the scenes at the Sheriff's Office. You'll be going from dispatch to SWAT in no time.

The press release from the Randall County Sheriff's Office puts it like this:


Randall County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications to the Randall County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy. The Academy will start on March 21st and will meet every Thursday for 12 weeks. There is no cost to attend.


The Sheriff’s Citizen Academy is designed to give citizens of Randall County a behind-the-scenes look into the daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office. The academy will cover many hands-on topics such as Patrol Procedures, Dispatch, Crime Scene Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Narcotics, SWAT, a jail tour, and some scenario based training.

In order to participate, you need to apply. You can sign up to attend by following this link.

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