So county lines are an interesting thing. They seem to make no rhyme or reason to me about where Potter County ends and Randall County begins. I am sure someone just threw a dart and said "Hey, this is where the county line should be." It sure sounds good to me.

The county lines do lead to some interesting situations. We already found out that Kohl's on Soncy is in both counties. It turns out Westgate Mall is as well. Both current and former businesses in those locations have dealt with the weirdness.

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It leads to another question. What would happen if you owned and lived in a home that was actually in both counties? What do you do? I mean that has got to have some kind of implications when it comes to paying your tax bill. You can't go without paying taxes. We all know that.

Two Counties. One House.

Which county do you pay taxes in? Is it the county that the majority of your home is located in? Nope.

Everyone wants to get paid in that situation. You have to pay in both counties. Oh, and it does happen. We do have homes here in the area that are in both counties. So I went to the experts to find out just how this situation is handled.

Straight From The Source: Two Tax Bills

I asked the folks over at Potter-Randall Appraisal Districts. I knew they could help me:

We do have properties that are on the county line.  In those cases, they have an account for each county and a value assigned based on the percentage of land and improvements in each county.  They will then get two tax bills, one from Potter County and one from Randall County.

So it's not as unusual as I thought it would be. It just means you have to pay two tax bills every year. Potter County wants its cut and so does Randall County. Just goes to show the only things for certain are death and taxes. Even if that means for two different counties.

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