It's been a while since we put a reminder out there about all of the countless scams out there. As technology gets better and better we just need to stop and think. Scammers go after the hurry up and respond kind of scam.

They try to worry us that something is going on with our family. They try to worry us that we are about to be arrested. It is that immediate fear that always leads to that knee-jerk response. If we just slow down and think about it there would not be so many people falling for these scams.

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A simple phone call can always relieve some of that stress. Potter County Sherriff's Office is the latest in trying to slow us down and remind us to take steps against these scammers. We have seen the same kind of posts from Randall County as well.

Nobody wants us falling for these scams. Trust us we understand that a phone call like this comes through and we panic. That is what the scammers hope happens. They hope to get us not to think clearly.

They want those panic responses. That is the way they operate. They hope we don't slow down and make a phone call. They hope we just follow their instructions. Someone who wants to be paid in Bitcoin or gift cards should be a clear indication of a scam.

Don't fall for it. Make a phone call to a number that you know is legitimate. Not one that the scammer gives you. That is just going to lead you to another scammer. Slow down. Verify. Spoil the day of the scammer.

Save your information. Save your money. Hang up right away and spoil their day.

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