It's no secret that fire danger has been a big concern recently. In our area, there are times it feels like we live in a never ending red flag warning.

Recently, posts on social media about several fires near Rockwell Road have everyone in that area on edge. People are suggesting that it's arson.

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Several Fires, In One Area, In Just A Few Days

The past week has seen several fires pop up in one area. The fires have all happened just off of Rockwell Road.

Digging through posts and comments, it seems that they are happening around Greg Street.

What Is The Cause For The Fires?

That's a great question. While some speculate arson, others aren't as quick to jump to conclusions.

It is odd that the fires are all happening in one area. More than one person described losing a shed or building being used for storage. In some cases, the fire spread to other structures.

Be Aware Of Suspicious Behavior, And Do All You Can To Prevent Fires

It's always windy, and things have been pretty dry. Be sure you take precautions so you don't accidentally start a fire. It doesn't take long for fires to spread.

We hear the recommendations all of the time. No outdoor welding. If you're pulling a trailer, make sure the chains don't drag on the road. Don't throw cigarette butts on the ground.

Also, be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior if you're in that area. If you see anything suspicious, contact authorities.

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