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Yesterday, there was a grass fire in the area. Today, there have been even more in the area. With the high winds and dry conditions we're experiencing, be smart out there.

The steps you can take are pretty simple. Properly disposing of cigarettes, not parking a vehicle over tall grass, and not doing anything that involves sparks or open flames are all real easy ways to keep from starting a grass fire.

With the high winds we've got in the area, a grass fire can quickly spread and turn into a major problem.

Even though we've recently had some precipitation in the area, we're still technically in a drought. Portions of our area are in a burn ban.

Randall and Potter counties are both currently in a burn ban, as well as Hutchinson, Moore, and Oldham counties.

You can find a current map of burn bans in Texas by going to the Texas A&M Forest Service website using this link.

As a smoker, one of my biggest fears is causing a wildfire. If you smoke in the car, keep a bottle of water handy to put cigarette butts in until you stop somewhere. Back when I still smoked in the car, that was how I got rid of them when I was done.

You can also purchase an ashtray for your vehicle. They're usually cheap.

If you're pulling a trailer, make sure your chains don't drag the road. Those sparks could be enough to start a fire in the right conditions.

Hopefully we'll get some moisture in the area soon.

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