More and more drones are appearing in the Amarillo sky by the day.  There is one place the Amarillo Fire Department would like you to refrain from flying drones.

Wildfires are a year round danger for our area.  Recently  a new fire fighting airplane was stationed near Amarillo to provide aerial support during the next wildfire.  But something could keep the plane grounded and that something is you.  Or more appropriately,  your drone.

The Amarillo Fire Department wants you to know that if they see drones flying in the area of a wildfire they will hold aerial support until the skies are cleared.  Meaning they can’t use the new plane if you are using your drones.  The AFD kindly asks you do not fly your drone over or near a wildfire.  By flying near a fire you could very possibly make it worse.

Safety for the pilots of the fire fighting aircraft and for those on the ground are the primary reasons for banning drones over wildfires.

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