You buy something with the intention of loving it and keeping it forever. Or until it is no longer needed and it ends up in a garage sale or donated somewhere. That is the plan. Those plans change.

Maybe you get your item and it really doesn't work like you had hoped. Maybe it didn't fit just right. Maybe you just decided that you really didn't need it. You know how those regretted purchases happen. So the decision is made to go through the process to return it.

It's never fun. Usually, there is a line. You are already expecting that. Maybe you get lucky and it's really not that bad. Score. Then you either have your receipt or you have to go through the extra work to return without one.

So it comes time. You get your money and you think you are done. Oh, but no the associate tells you to take the item home with you. What? That is what is happening at some stores here in Amarillo.

Why Are They Having You Keep Your Return?

It's simple. We have lived through a pandemic. Then came the supply chain issues. Stores have ramped up their orders to keep products on the shelf. Oh and then you start purchasing stuff and returning. They just don't have the space for the orders and the returns. So some chains like Walmart and Target are opting to let you leave with your money and your item when you make a return.

You think that will cost them. It does but not a whole lot. Usually, you will take that money and go back to the store and buy even more. It's a win-win for those stores.

So just know that you may be asked to keep your returns. It's a nice win.

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