Over the weekend I had a few chores I had to make sure I got done. One of the many chores was to go and fill my five-gallon jug with water. So I headed over to 34th and Georgia in the Georgia VIllage.

As I was waiting for the light to change at 34th and Georgia I noticed something familiar. The Scooter's is still being built in that corner location. Until that land was sold, it was the place we expected to see, who we referred to as The Rug Guy set up shop.

Once that land was sold they had to pack up shop and move elsewhere. Or retire. Which is what we thought may have happened. Turns out they had moved to a new location. They ended up on Soncy behind Mattress Firm. That is where you could still get your rugs and flags.

Just a few days ago though they moved again. Familiar area and a familiar sight to us in the Wolflin area. I saw them setting up their stuff again in the same location we grew to expect to see them. I was quite happy.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I got my water and then I drove over to say hi. I first talked to Kenny and that is when I found out that they are not "The Rug Guy" like we have referred to them. They are actually "The Rug People" as they are a team of Stacy and Kenny.

They have had this business for a long time. Kenny has been there in that Georgia Village location for eighteen years but before there was Kenny it was just Stacy for twenty-eight years. So basically since 1994 for Stacy and about 2004 for Kenny. This is why they have become so familiar to us and why we missed having them there when Scooter's started the building process.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Now that Scooter's has the building started they have now moved the rugs and flags back to our area. They have been in our location since Thursday. They are going to spend time in both locations: Soncy and Georgia.

Stacy said that they had looked into buying the land when it came up for sale but the price tag was way out of their league. She said that when they found out it was a Scooter's moving in they had to watch as the tree they planted with love in that area get dug up and discarded.

Google Maps
Google Maps

She looked into the cost of digging it up and having it move but it was not meant to be. She just had to watch it be trashed.

She said the customers are really what makes this all worth it. She tried to keep up with anyone who bought a rug so she could communicate with them after the move. Customer service is what it is all about.

They love what they do. According to Stacy:

We work hard, we sell good products and we foster dogs.

They have a passion for rescue dogs as well. That is also what they love to do. They do work with Texas Panhandle Pet Savers. She says they have saved over three hundred babies. Stacy and Kenny have helped with dogs, cats, and a rabbit. Kenny told me a story about a cow he had to help as well.

It's great to know that a part of our community, our local community, was found again. It seemed like a piece of our life was gone from the Georgia Street area when they were gone. We now know that we will still be able to find them. They will still be in the same area of 34th and Georgia just a little further down.

They are not retired. They did not go out of business. They are still there to sell us a rug, and a flag, oh and even help us get a furry friend if needed.

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