We're starting to hit that point in the year where parents are excited and kids are a little sluggish. The kids have played hard during summer break, and truthfully the parents are probably more exhausted then the kids.

That's all about to come to an end though. Parents are feeling re-energized because in just a few short weeks time, those kids are headed back to school.

There's always one thing they enjoy about going back to school. They get all these brand new school supplies and clothes! When it comes to the clothes, they love that part. They've either outgrown them during the summer, or they've played so hard in them they've ruined them.

The part that we as parents hate is the purchasing of school supplies. We get this list from the school and it feels like it's a mile long. You think to yourself, what exactly do we need with half of this stuff? I'll be honest, I've conveniently "forgotten" several things on the list, and never been called out for it.

The other part we can't stand? Making sure we get to the store early enough before all the supplies are picked over. I've waited until the last minute before, and it's not fun. Bouncing from store to store until you find those last few items.

Walmart has made our lives a lot easier as parent this year though, and I've already taken advantage of it. You can now go into their app or website, plug in your zip code, select your child's school and grade, then voila!

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

Absolutely amazing, and school shopping is finished in 60 seconds or less. Walmart will take that school list provided and put everything you need into a cart automatically for you. No more hunting all over town, no more fighting the school supplies aisle with 40 other parents.

Click that pay button, then go and just pick it up. Now if you want to keep it a bit cheap, like I do, you may have to go in and replace a few of the items with generic stuff, but hey, it's still far less stressful and saves you the time of going and doing it yourself.

So thank you Walmart, I for one appreciate you doing the work for me!

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