Usually, when we hear about search warrants being served here in Amarillo, we immediately think it's some kind of drug house. There never seems to be more excitement other than, hey, we found 400 pounds of marijuana, or whatever drug you can think of.

Well, we've got another search warrant that's been executed...and this one has some different stuff added to it.

A search warrant was executed the other day just off Hollywood Road at West Loop 335 South and near Tradewind Street. The assist was given by the Randall County Sheriff's Department, but the warrant was actually served out by The Panhandle Auto Burglary and Theft Unit.

There's your twist. For once, a search warrant was done for something OTHER than drugs.

However, it doesn't mean that drugs weren't found in the search. Found at the residence were four stolen vehicles, all from different places. Plainview, Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City are where the vehicles were stolen from and were being housed here in Amarillo. Again...Hub City.

The total value of the vehicles found are worth $275,000 combined, so clearly, these weren't just getaway cars that were taken. I mean, at an average of roughly $69,000 per vehicle, these were some pretty nice cars. Authorities said two of the four vehicles found were dismantled.

Now, on to the expected part. They DID find drugs in the search, and a solid amount too. 45 pounds of marijuana, six ounces of cocaine, and 500 THC vape cartridges were recovered in the search warrant, totaling a street value of $100,000.

Let's throw in the fact they found three guns in the search and this was clearly a well-thought-out operation. They were ready for anything...aside from a search warrant being served.

Amazingly, no one was arrested in the search and the case remains under investigation.

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