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We all talked about how ready we were for 2020 to end. Even though we all knew that everything wrong in the world wouldn't magically get solved overnight, the idea of a new year seemed to bring some hope for a return to normal with it.

We might be waiting for that return to normal for a little while longer.

Today Shamrock's St. Patrick's Association officially announced that they would be cancelling, or suspending, the St. Patrick's Day celebration for 2021. I'm heartbroken.

In a statement that was released, it appears that the state's Covid guidelines strike again.

The statement basically states that after looking at the state's guidelines regarding gatherings, and how they are affected by hospitalization rates, the committee decided to suspend this year's celebration and just look to 2022.

You can see the announcement below.

Announcements like this aren't unheard of. Last year in Amarillo, around Halloween, we saw several announcements like this. Organizations trying to put together big events have a lot of hurdles to clear in order to put their event on. If they clear those hurdles, they then have to deal with reduced capacity and a host of other guidelines.

Reduced capacity means a lot of money spent to have an event, with little being made in return.

I can appreciate the difficulty the committee experienced in making a decision like this. I can also appreciate the committee thinking of everyone's safety. In fact, they do list safety and economic impact as the areas where it is in Shamrock's best interest to suspend this year's celebration.

This year, I guess I'll just have to drink a pint at home in honor of what could have been.

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