I was forwarded a recent study done on rates of STD infection by state, and how that correlates to sex-ed requirements. According to the results of the study done by Bespoke Surgical, the states that require the most information be given to students regarding sexual health, HIV prevention, and STD prevention all had lower rates of infection than the states who don't have such requirements.

Texas scored a 2 out of 6 points on their scale regarding requirements on sex-ed. Texas does have requirements in place regarding "sexual health," but nothing in the way of HIV or STD prevention.

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When it comes to infection rates per 100,000 people, we have about 694. States who have no requirements generally have larger infection rates. For example, Alaska. In Alaska, their infection rate is over 1,100 per 100,000 people. They don't have any requirements in place when it comes to education on sexual health, STD prevention, and HIV prevention.

This information made me sit and think about my own experience with sex-ed. I took sex-ed at a Mennonite private school. I'm sure you can imagine how awful that was.

I didn't learn anything about STD prevention, or what the majority of them even were. All I was taught was abstinence, and that God was keeping a watchful eye on me.

Not very helpful.

I personally think that a sex-ed class taught from a scientific perspective isn't bad. It can actually help; especially when it comes to prevention. I wish I had a class like that when I was growing up, instead of the lack of one I got.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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