2020 has been a year of insane headlines. From the pandemic to natural disasters and murder hornets; mystery seeds from china to the existence of aircraft not made on Earth (whatever that means); it's been one hell of a year. Now, there's a Dr. Pepper shortage.

Sort of.

Headlines came out today declaring that our favorite combination of 23 flavors was experiencing a shortage, and that you may need to scratch your carbonated syrup itch elsewhere. In one story, an official from Dr. Pepper said it wasn't a production problem, and that operations were smooth.

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Some have thought that the problem could be from the increased demand for aluminum cans as we're all spending more time at home consuming cases of the stuff. Others have pointed to people purchasing in bulk, and panic buying any time one of "those" rumors starts floating around.

You know the ones. It usually starts with someone whose cousin has a friend with a high school buddy that's married to someone who once dated a person that's in the National Guard.

Whatever the reason, I have noticed that it is harder to find certain varieties of Dr. Pepper at the store. Namely, 12-packs of the cream soda version of the soft drink. My wife loves it, and I have had a tough time finding any since the start of the pandemic.

First, it was toilet paper. Then, it was loose change. Now, there's a shortage of Dr. Pepper.

With the way this year has gone, who knows what's next?

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