Knowing that I'm from Oklahoma, a friend of mine recently told me about a documentary she found on Hulu that I would be interested in. I'd heard the name Red Dog Saloon before, so I had to check it out.

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The stories about the place were always wild and seemed like something out of a motorcycle movie. Strippers, drugs, and violence were in no short supply.

The documentary primarily follows the son of one of the dancers. It recounted his life growing up around one of the wildest bars to exist in the Sooner State, and how he went on to become a successful songwriter.

There were moments when my wife and I laughed out loud. Those laughs didn't last long, though.

As the documentary goes on, it begins to take a more somber tone. No longer is it just about the wild antics of the people who called the Red Dog "home." It became about how that place almost destroyed them, and how they survived it all.

The soundtrack is pretty good. It's a mix of old school Rock 'N' Roll mixed with southern country flair; all done by the main subject of the documentary.

My main complaint is that I would have loved to hear more stories about the saloon before going on the quest for closure.

Heads up, there's plenty of nudity to be found in the documentary, so don't watch it with your mom if she's the pearl-clutching type. It is about the lives of strippers at one of the craziest bars in existence, so you have to expect it.

If I have to put a number on it, it would be 3.5/5. Definitely worth putting your eyes on it.

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