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The holidays are a time for being with the ones you love. They're also a time for those delicious holiday foods we love so much. It's also a time to re-gift that fruitcake that's been making the rounds since Reagan was in office.

The inquisitive minds at Zippia decided to do some investigative work and find out what holiday delicacy is the favorite of each state. They did so using the modern marvel of information technology, Google Trends.

In the state of Texas, we are big fans of peppermint chocolate chip cookies. Frankly, I blame the Girl Scouts for this one.

If you have ever tried to eat an entire sleeve of peppermint chocolate chip cookies before, don't. From personal experience I can say that "stomach ache" doesn't begin to describe the issues you will encounter after your minty cookie binge.

This is why I find the results so shocking. We're Google searching these cookies more than any other holiday treat.


It's not often that I say this, but I have to agree with our neighbors on this one. Of the states that share a border with us, all of them have cheesecake as their treat of choice except Louisiana. They like pudding.

If you need something to brag about, at least it wasn't fruitcake. Yes there are still people out there who love and swear by that most abhorrent of holiday confections. They all live in the Carolinas.

Yes, both North and South Carolina have lost their collective minds when it comes to holiday desserts.

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