Overnight, there have been a lot of questions raised about the reopening of one type of business in particular. People are confused as to why a tanning salon is allowed to reopen.

On Facebook, people have been bombarding the city and a local tanning salon with questions as to why this is being allowed. All state parks are closed as of today at close of business, yet in Amarillo you can go to the tanning salon?

Am I the only one that feels like this is sending mixed messages?

The city did respond by saying that the tanning salon can operate as a "low-risk" business adhering to certain guidelines, and that the city "doesn't give permission" to businesses to reopen. That's a decision for the businesses.

The City does not give businesses permission to open; that is the decision of the business. If a business is not listed on the essential business list (https://amarilloalerts.com/all-in-amarillo), then they have the option to operate as a Low Risk Business. If the business follows the criteria listed on the graphic below, they can remain open as Low Risk. If you find that a business is open and not abiding by the criteria listed, please call Environmental Health to let them know (806) 378-9472. - City of Amarillo, Texas via Facebook


City of Amarillo via Facebook
City of Amarillo via Facebook

So what's to stop almost everything from reopening?

First, I get reopening. You not only have your own bills to pay as a business owner, but you also have employees to think about. Reopening would be ideal for just about everyone right now that isn't considered "essential."

However, as we keep hearing how the "worst is yet to come," that we all need to stay home, and that we only need to be out for "essential activity" and be "all in;" I fail to see where working on my tan in a salon fits into that.

I do understand that tanning salons have strict guidelines they're expected to follow when it comes to the sanitation of their beds, but this type of business doesn't seem to fit the current narrative of staying home except for groceries, gasoline, and work if you have to.

While reopening a tanning salon seems irresponsible, my issue is with the fact that a tanning salon is allowed to reopen. If they are technically allowed to, then it's a question for the city.

Honestly, I'm just confused by the two messages that are being sent. On one hand we all need to stay home and do our part to stop the spread.

On the other hand, we get the message that things are okay enough for us to get back to enjoying some of the luxuries we've missed.

We can't shelter at home, and be "all in Amarillo," and not at the same time.

Which one is it? We can't be "all in" and only push half the chips to the middle of the table.

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