National Potato Day (yes, it's a thing) is coming up on Wednesday. That means there is no lack of research out there right now regarding what is each state's favorite way of preparing potatoes.

You might think that we in the Lone Star State prefer our potatoes to come in French fry fashion, but you'd be wrong. Well, at least to this recent study done.

Zippia used Google Trends to determine which method of potato preparation is preferred by each state and while French fries won out overall, in the Lone Star State we're more interested in fried mashed potato balls.

What the hell is a fried mashed potato ball?

I guess it's all in the name. A fried mashed potato ball is a wad of mashed potato that's fried. I've never once been offered one though.

I blame Dallas for skewing the results, personally.

In their study, we're the only state where fried mashed potato balls popped up. The majority of the U.S. is googling some form of french fry, or mashed potatoes.

Oddly enough, hash browns didn't show up anywhere on the list. That goes for poutine as well, but who cares about poutine?

Potato soup was a favorite in some places, and I can get behind that. Potato soup, when done right, is fantastic and is one of my favorite winter-time meals.

It looks like I need to Google some recipes for fried mashed potato balls so I can see what they're all about on National Potato Day.

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