Everybody loves to go out and have a good time every now and then right? A night where you get all dressed up, go to a nice dinner, then hit up a bunch of different hot spots around town for drinks.

Sometimes you stay home in your own city, maybe you've travelled a bit out of town to get away for an evening. All I know is that any time you get dressed up for a night on the town, it comes with some adult beverages.

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The next morning however also brings a fun little surprise. It's our ugly little friend named hangover.

So when you decide you want to have that fun night out, you need to think about the morning after and how you can shake that hangover before it sets in too much. There's even ways to lessen the hangover before you go to bed for the evening.

Late night food runs and IV hydration are a coupe of things that can really help curb a hangover. Now, in Amarillo, it's difficult to get that hangover to be minimal or non-existent. We lack a lot of 24-hour restaurants in the city, and IV hydration here is difficult to find.

However, five different Texas cities made the list, either for better or for worse when it comes to regenerating from a hangover. Let's take a look at the best and the worst of these cities so you know where you plan your next little drinking trip.

The worst of the five cities to have a hangover in is Dallas. That one surprised me a bit since it's technically the biggest city in the state. Out of a possible score of 100, Dallas checked in at just 15.8. Not a good score. The higher your score, the better off you are.

It's the bar density per capita that really gets Dallas. There are so many places to go and get drinks there, you want to hit as many as you can. So you find yourself starting early and bouncing from bar to bar all night. That's a lot of drinks...and a perfect recipe for a nasty hangover in the morning.

Coming in behind Dallas was Fort Worth. The neighbor to Dallas checked in with a score of 46 overall, which is significantly better than Dallas. They lack 24-hour food options like Amarillo, but they also lack the amount of bars unlike Dallas. You're more likely to stay put at one or two places there which allows you to control the amount of drinks you have.

Things start to improve as we roll into San Antonio. With an overall score of 65.5. The big win in San Antonio is the amount of IV hydration places within the city. Per capita, it's the most in the state of Texas and that hydration can flush all the toxins out of your body quickly and have you feeling like you didn't even have a single drink the night before.

We're down to two major cities left in Texas, and this is when Houston enters the list with a score of 69.9 out of 100. You'll find plenty of late night food options to help soak up all those drinks, and they have the second most IV hydration places to go to per capita in the state.

So what's number one on the list? You guessed it, Austin. The capital of Texas isn't just the BEST place to have a hangover in the state, it's one of the best places in the country to have one. They scored an 82.3 out of 100, and while they have more than enough bars to bounce around to, they also have everything else you need to recover in abundance. 24-hour food joints, IV hydration places, quite simply, Austin has it all and it should be your next drinking adventure.

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