The City of Amarillo has various job openings that fit just about every personality and occupation you could think of!

The City's competitive salaries and excellent benefits are just several benefits inwhat makes the City of Amarillo a great place to work.

Each day brings new opportunities to serve the citizens of Amarillo. If you are someone who wants to be difference in the world around, this is the place you need to be.

Working for the City of Amarillo can be incredibly rewarding, and more importantly, it means that you are investing in your community each day.

With the City of Amarillo, it's an opportunity tot urn a job into a career. Don't let it pass you by!.

Ready to apply? Visit: City of Amarillo Job Portal

While in the job portal, you will be able to browse the job openings by department, hours per week, and more! There is also in-depth information as to job benefits and more.

Contact information for the city is:

601 S Buchanan, Rm 101
Amarillo, TX 79105
Phone - 806-378-4294
Fax - 806-378-9478
Email -

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