We received some great news yesterday during the Governor's visit to Amarillo. We get to move forward with phase 2 of reopening. That news, as great as it is for most, still isn't enough for some.

This weekend was supposed to be when we saw a return of boxing and MMA to Amarillo. Elite Fight Promotions 'Bomb City Brawl 3' was scheduled for May 30.

While we celebrate things slowly returning to normal, for these fight promoters and fans of the combat sports, it's more of a guessing game as to when we can expect to have fights back in town.

According to a post on Elite's Facebook page, the earliest we can hope to finally see Bomb City Brawl 3 would be late July, maybe even August.

On the TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) website, they state that they will be meeting on June 1 to discuss allowing events scheduled for early June.

If you're needing some positive news, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has approved the return of boxing and MMA. The next UFC event scheduled for June 6 will take place, and boxing will return in early June as well. No fans will be in attendance and there are a lot of health and safety guidelines to follow.

Even without spectators, it is encouraging though to see steps being taken to bring back both boxing and MMA..

Hopefully things go well and the TDLR can model something similar to this that allows fights to happen in the Lone Star State again.

While the health and safety of everyone involved is the biggest priority with these events, I am hopeful that one day soon we can all gather ringside, while keeping a safe distance.


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