The kids in Amarillo headed back to school on Monday looking forward to the Christmas break that is just ahead of them. There is a lot of magic in the air this time of year. The Christmas tree may be up. The lights are on the house. The Christmas inflatables fill the yard.

Christmas is a magical time of year and who has the right to take that magic away from any kid this time of year? Nobody. That is left strictly up to the family to enjoy this time of year.

That is not what happened as the kids returned back to school at Sleepy Hollow. They had an unwanted guest. The Grinch. Yes, the Grinch who literally was trying to steal Christmas from all of the excited kids.

The Grinch this year was played by David Grisham. If you know anything about his history and his role with Repent Amarillo you will know this is not the first time he has caused a stir at Christmas time. He did this before in Amarillo at Westgate Mall in front of the Santa Claus display.

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He wasn't welcomed then and he certainly was not welcomed at Sleepy Hollow. The school did end up calling the police. He was on public property so he was within his rights but really? Why? Let the kids just be kids.

The school released a video on their page explaining what happened. I don't want to give this guy the publicity and attention he wants. We understand that Jesus is the reason for the season. We do get that.

It is not the right of somebody to ruin the fun and magic of Christmas for any kid. This should be a fun time for everyone.

Christmas Yard Decorations in Amarillo

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

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