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No one told me to write this. I wasn't given a pair of these to do a review. In fact, I think they look stupid and people who wear them constantly look ridiculous. That doesn't change the fact that these are my favorite headphones.

And I now wear them constantly.

How Do They Feel?

Honestly, I was surprised at how well they fit inside my ear. I've never owned a pair of earbuds that didn't hurt my ears. The Galaxy Buds Live have a snug fit without being uncomfortable.

Touch Controls

One of the best parts is the touch controls. By tapping on the ear bud, I can control a handful of functions on my phone. Touch controls work on both buds.

The kicker for me was the ability to customize when I tap and hold on each bud. I have my right ear set for one thing, while the left ear does something different.

My only gripe is that at times they seem too sensitive, especially if you have to adjust them while they're in your ear. You can block touch input from your phone and then turn it on when you're ready, but it's an extra step I wish I didn't have to take.

I do recommend playing with the touch trainer in the Wearable app. It helps you get a feel for tapping on the buds.

How Do They Sound?

The sound is good, but I wasn't floored when I took them out of the box. You will want to adjust the sound settings from the Galaxy Wearable app when you set them up. Personally, I also activated the equalizer in the Spotify app to get the sound I want.

One of the coolest functions is the active noise canceling. You can turn it on and off so you can block out your surroundings when you need to.

What Do Phone Calls Sound Like?

I've been using these for a while now, and the phone call quality is ok. For the most part I haven't had any issues with the quality of a call and I haven't had anyone tell me they can't hear me (except for when I'm wearing my mask).

How Easy Were They To Set Up?

Honestly, insanely simple. All I had to do was open the case and my phone took care of the rest. The Galaxy Wearable app is pretty easy to use, and is really self-explanatory.

What About Battery Life?

The buds hold their charge for a pretty decent amount of time. I have yet to run them down to zero since the first time I charged them.

This is because they charge while inside the case. The case has a separate battery that also does a good job of holding a charge.

I have used the Wireless PowerShare, just to do it since I have a Galaxy S10+ phone. This allows me to charge my buds by putting them in the case, and then setting the case on my phone. Nice for charging on the go.

Would I recommend them? Yes. Do I still think I, and those like me, look silly when we wear these things in public? Yes.

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