A couple of weeks ago, I lamented that I couldn't find a bar to go to. Yes, I know there are plenty around town, but I wanted a place I could go that wasn't surrounded by 20-somethings, not that there's anything wrong with that.

I mentioned how I had a perfect place in Austin that was by my house, but I just haven't been able to find the same kind of place since moving to Amarillo. So I put out this poll to hear it from you where I should be going.

You spoke up in a thunderous way, and I appreciate that. Just over 150 votes came in and now I know where I should be headed for those after-work beers.

The options on the poll consisted of Pondaseta, Broken Spoke, Royal Bar, Drunken Oyster, and "other". So who was the winner?

The Broken Spoke

Congratulations to Broken Spoke, it appears you may have won a new customer. Garnering 43 of the 151 votes, it was a landslide winner out of the other bars that had been named.


I really like the overall vibe of it. Good lighting, pool tables, live music, and a jam-packed liquor selection make these all big wins in my book.

2nd & 3rd Place: Pondaseta & Drunken Oyster

Pondaseta and Drunken Oyster were separated by just one vote, with Pondaseta coming out on top 18 to 17 for second place in the bars I actually named. Pondaseta looks like a great place for spring and summer where I can sit outside (when the garage doors are open) and enjoy extremely fresh beer. Drunken Oyster is appealing as I can enjoy some solid cajun food should I want to snack when I'm having a couple of drinks.

Runners Up & Honorary Mentions

There were quite a few other contenders who had multiple votes. Hummers, Elk's Lodge, and The Golden Light are our runners up.


Someone also took the time to do a curious write in vote, which I won't repeat in print. I googled and googled but darn if I just couldn't find it! Maybe it's a secret bar.

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