A couple of weeks ago on the show, we were talking about popular porn categories when we found out that there was a category called "For Women." None of us knew what kind of porn that would be. I made a joke about it being just a hot guy doing the dishes without being asked. Well GUESS. WHAT! I FOUND THE GUY!

On Facebook, I stumbled upon some very interesting screenshots of a PornHub account. The account belongs to Ryan Creamer who, according to Buzzfeed, is 26 and works for CollegeHumor, uploaded the videos onto the site for his own amusement. The videos show him fully clothed and performing some wholesome and some VERY SFW acts. I like to call it "consensual porn."

If you've browsed through the site, or any porn site, really, you'll notice that the titles are sometimes a little too specific. Creamer's first video, which was uploaded back in October is titled "I Tuck You In After You Have C*M." It shows him doing JUST THAT.


Other of his hits include:


And of course, my personal favorite:


Creamer told Buzzfeed that by uploading these videos he had hoped it would give users a "break and departure from the usual content on the site."

It's apparently working and causing quite a buzz. He's gotten millions of views and the number keeps on growing. He must be doing something right because he's gotten tons of likes and positive comments.

Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.