While most of us think of rodeos, cattle, and half buried cars when we first get to Amarillo, that's not all that Bomb City has to offer. Amarillo has a thriving scene for gamers too.

With Extra Life around the corner, you have plenty of places to go and brush up on your skills. One place is even willing to hook you up with some "study material" for free this Saturday.

Recycled Entertainment via Facebook
Recycled Entertainment via Facebook

Recycled Entertainment is having their annual Free Video Game Day this Saturday, where the first 300 people through the door get a free video game. Pretty simple.

There is no purchase required. The only stipulation is one per household, and it is first come first serve.

Looking through the Recycled Entertainment Facebook page, I was surprised to find that they hold weekly Magic The Gathering nights, too. MTG is a card game that many current pro poker players started with, and is a lot of fun to play if you enjoy strategy and frustration. I dabble once in a while.


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