It's quite possibly one of the biggest challenges any parent faces.

Affordable child care so they can go to work.

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I can attest to this. In fact, I'm going through it right now. My wife is currently pregnant with our third child, and she doesn't know when she will go back to work. Reason being? Child care is so expensive, it wouldn't make any sense financially.

She only works part time, 2 days a week to be exact. However, when we looked into the cost of child care so she COULD go back to work, it just didn't add up. She'd end up clearing like $100 every 2 weeks after paying for child care. Doesn't make sense does it?

Well the Tyson Foods plant here in Amarillo is trying to change that narrative. They recently announced they'll be offering child care to second shift workers for free. Second shift is typically like a 12-9p or 1-10p kind of shift. Makes it hard to work those hours if you're a single parent especially.

They recently gave $228,000 to the Wesley Community Center and $142,000 to the Maverick Boys & Girls Club in Amarillo to refurbish their places so the children of Tyson Foods employees on that second shift have a place to go.

The money given will go towards things such as transportation for the kids after school to get there, enhanced security for the facilities, refrigerators, cots for them to sleep on and tutoring to help with homework.

It's hard enough to not get to see your children because of a shift you work to provide for them, but knowing that the money you're making isn't being sucked away by the high cost of child care is a relief.

A lot of companies are struggling to find workers, and this is a big reason as to why. Tyson Foods got it right. Let's see how many other businesses will follow their lead.

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