It's always a fun and even chilling time in Texas when you are hanging around friends trying to one-up each other with ghost stories. Who has the spookiest tale to tell? This is what sleepovers with friends were all about growing up.

How much do you have the upper hand when you know the story you are telling is one hundred percent true? I mean most stories are told to freak people out like they are but I am talking about one that you can look up and it will be out there to win any argument.

Not that this is one you want to be correct about because these are human lives we are talking about.

The Case of the Ice Box Murders

In Houston back in 1965, a man named Marvin was trying to get ahold of his aunt. He called and called with no answer. So the police ended up stopping by the house on a welfare check. When they got to the house there were no signs of anyone.

They decided to continue looking and ended up finding a fridge full of unwrapped meat. Which in itself is not that strange. They thought it came from a butchered hog. That was until an officer went to shut the door and saw two heads staring at them from the vegetable bin.

That is when they discovered the missing couple, Fred and Edwina Rogers. Those cuts of meat in the refrigerator were no other than the freshly butchered legs and torso of the missing couple.

That Wasn't The Strangest Part of the Murder

With a murder like this, you would expect to find the house covered in blood. There were cut-up bodies in the fridge after all but nope not a drop was found in the house. Some of the body parts of Fred and Edwina were never recovered.

They also never arrested anyone but they are pretty sure they know who did it. Their son, Charles, also lived in the home and he was never found. He, in fact, was declared dead ten years after the murders. Neighbors knew he lived there but never actually saw him.

The family relationship was rather strange before the murders anyway. Charles only communicated with his parents by slipping notes under their doors. Not a normal loving family at all.  Although police are almost certain Charles was responsible for his parent's murders, the case remains unsolved.

So next time you are looking for a scary story to impress your family and friends remember this one. This may be one of the cases that Jeffrey Dahmer studied. It makes sense after all.

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