It's just crazy the kind of Texas things you see on the internet. I mean everything is bigger and better in Texas. That includes the fires. That includes the rescues. This recent rescue was luckily caught on camera. It had to be seen to be believed.

When rescues are talked about none can be closer than this one. Recently in Houston a building caught on fire. Of course, there were people trapped inside. You can wait and hope you are rescued. Or you can make sure that they know you are inside and that you need help.

credit: Tik Tok - barstoolfire
credit: Tik Tok - barstoolfire

Which I feel is the way to go. It's also the way this guy on the top floor felt. He wasn't getting lost in this fire. He was letting his presence known. He was getting out of there one way or another.

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That decision probably helped save his life. He climbed out of the window and made it down to the next floor. That is when the fire department spotted him and started on their rescue mission.


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Literally, the part of the building this gentleman was in was on fire. The building was mere seconds away from collapsing. Which was exactly what it did right after he jumped on the ladder of the firetruck.
How amazing was that rescue? What would have happened if the guy didn't take matters into his own hands? Would he possibly still make it out? Maybe. More than likely not. I mean that was a lot of what-ifs and he definitely helped save his own life. Kudos to the fire department for being there.
This could have been a much different ending. So great to see a happy ending.

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