There was a time when the hottest fad in America was small, tiny, and decluttering.

Marie Kondo was a household name known for getting rid of basically everything except your essentials, and reality shows were made based on tiny houses.

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You know what I'm talking about, right? Those little homes that were 600 square feet or less. They were ALL the rage. Everyone wanted to declutter their life, realizing they didn't need 1500+ sq ft.

These tiny homes could be popped on a trailer and basically dropped anywhere in the country you wanted.

However, people started to learn you couldn't just place these homes anywhere you wanted. I recently trolled Reddit and saw someone ask about tiny homes in Amarillo.

That got me thinking, I don't know that I've actually seen a tiny home anywhere in this city. Sure, I've seen plenty of manufactured homes and whatnot, but tiny homes?

I started reading through the comments. No, I don't want a tiny home. I can't live in a tiny home with three kids. I already need a bigger house.

I was curious as to WHY I hadn't seen any tiny homes in Amarillo.

Turns out there is actually a building code that doesn't allow you to have anything less than 800 sq within the city limits.

What is that about? I mean, I figure if you can plop a manufactured home down on just about any plot of land, what's the difference in placing a small home like that somewhere?

There are container apartments around Amarillo, but tiny homes? Not allowed apparently.

Kind of a strange rule if you ask me, but hey, it is what it is I suppose. You can supposedly find places just outside city limits if you're wanting one.

See what everyone had to say on Reddit here.

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