With the proliferation of online shopping and home delivery the opportunity for criminals has also increased.

They’re called “Package Pirates” or “Porch Pirates”.  It’s the ever growing problem of packages being taken from homes by thieves.  These neo-pirates have been known to follow delivery trucks around and scooping up the packages they leave.

The Amarillo Police Department has released some tips to help you avoid falling victim to these crimes of opportunity.

Obviously you want to retrieve any deliveries as soon as possible.  It’s also a good idea to track your packages to stay aware of if you are vulnerable or not.  Consider having your packages delivered to your place of business or other place they will always be attended.  Take advantage of opportunities to pick up your package at a retail location.  There are also economical ways to install motion activated cameras at your front door that will alert you via your phone when someone is on your porch.  It is also a good idea to request a signature for delivery so your packages aren’t simply left by a door.

Another great tip is to know your neighbors.  Community is often the best defense against this type of crime.

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