It's funny how you can learn something new every day. I mean, I know that's the saying, but do we truly do that?

Today, I can say that's a true statement. There's still a LOT for me to learn about Amarillo, I've been here less than two years. This one however kinda blew my mind.

Taking my daily look at Reddit, I saw someone post something that really caught my eye. The user asked about tunnels in Amarillo that they keep hearing about. Tunnels? Ok, I'll bite.

I do a little digging and come to find out, the city really does have some underground tunnels that exist! Naturally, I was curious as to what purpose these tunnels served, and of course, where did they lead to.

One of the things I was interested in finding out was the origin of the tunnels. Who built them initially and what were they used for? I couldn't seem to find anything on the history of them, and clearly, I'm not the only one wondering.

Reddit screenshot
Reddit screenshot

Ok, funny answer. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. Funny nonetheless.

So since we can't seem to figure out the history of them, I figure we'd just take a tour of them. I guess they're not exactly open to the public from what I've seen, but on the flip side of that, I've seen videos of people working their way through them.

Here's one I thought was an interesting way to travel through them to at least get a look.

From what I can tell, it's like an underground way to navigate through different businesses. I see different company names that pop up on the walls and as you get away from the "tunnel" looking areas, it looks like a giant office building.

I'd love to know where exactly these tunnels are and try and go explore them myself. Shoot me some pics and videos if you've been in them! I'd love to see your perspective.

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There are some places around town that just can't seem to stay in business for very long. This is one of them.

The address of the cursed building is 2813 SW 6th Street. This building was originally built in 1930. This place was originally a service station. I'm sure in the heydays of Rt. 66, this place was the place to stop to get your car serviced. However, in the last 15 years, this building has seen many different faces.

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