The kids are finally back in school. They need to get back so that they can get the second half of the school year started and they can think ahead to what is next. Canyon kids were out of school for two weeks. Amarillo kids had that three-week break.

Some parents were able to take that time off with their kids, some still had to work. Oh, and you can't know what your kid is doing every second of the day. There is just no way. Oh, and kids do stupid things. They just do.

I guess when we were kids we did get into stuff. We still did stupid stuff. I just never thought about trashing other people's property. We might have gone out and toilet-papered someone's home.

I remember taking my daughter and her friends out chalking. It was fun and they always left cute messages for their friends. There was never any damage. That was not how any of us passed our time.

That is not the case in City View recently. A couple of kids had nothing better to do. They didn't care about other people's hard-earned property. They didn't even care that in this day and age, most people have cameras.

Nope, all they thought about was their good time. What was there a good time? Throwing rocks at vehicles. Vehicles. You know that one thing you own besides your house that is a big expense every month.

These kids are being shown all over social media. They need to pay for their damage. Maybe fill up all that free time with a job. If they get put to work cleaning up parts of Amarillo they certainly will not have time to be destructive.

I don't think the expense should be put on the family. I think those boys need to be found and learn how to pay for their actions. It would do them and all of Amarillo good.

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