The ZZ Top concert scheduled for tomorrow night (6/10/2020) was canceled. However, when you look on Facebook there are still a lot of pages saying it is still happening.

It's not. It is canceled. Not postponed.

The difference between the two is that a show that is postponed will eventually happen, and your tickets will still be good for admission. Canceled shows are not going to happen, so don't buy tickets from someone.

Several of these are advertising a "live stream" of the concert. The link associated with the live stream takes you to a shady website where the chat is full of what looks like "bots" talking about how awesome the show is, how happy they are this is happening, and so on.

Of course these websites will want you to register and give up info so you can watch the stream. Which isn't out of the question for actual concerts, that are actually happening.

I watched the Steel Panther "Concert To Save The World" live stream over the weekend, and had to register an account with Steel Panther's website to do it. It was on the band's website, not some weird poorly put together website with bots already talking about how great the show is.

These sites are hosted by Facebook pages with names like "Think Positive." Generic names attached to sketchy websites usually means trouble. Even the "ZZ Top" ones will say they aren't affiliated with ZZ Top in any way if you go looking.

I saw on one Facebook page where a guy asked for clarification if the event was canceled, and the response from an obviously fake Facebook account was to send a DM for tickets.

This would be a terrible idea, considering the concert isn't happening.

Don't get suckered. ZZ Top isn't coming to town tomorrow night. There will be no ZZ Top concert live streamed from the Amarillo Civic Center

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