My buddy and I spend about six months out of the year walking the streets of Amarillo. No, not that way. Come on. I do get out and help her train to walk sixty miles in a few days for Susan G. Komen.

Spending that much time really getting to know the streets of Amarillo. I am amazed at how much stuff we lose on the roads. We always wonder how it happens. Are we just throwing stuff out the window all nilly willy?

Are we losing boxes and boxes of stuff and this is just the stuff that remains? It's amazing. Heck, I even found a ZZ Top concert ticket that was in pretty good condition. I mean it's not for their upcoming show.  It was from a show in Odessa back in 1997. How did it get here?

There are so many questions. I just hope to someday get some answers. It would be cool to post one of these lost items we find and have someone reach out because they recognized something. I would love to hear the story. I would love to know exactly how they lost it.

That could make for a really cool story one day.

Stop Leaving Your Stuff All Over Amarillo Part 2

Stop Leaving Your Stuff All Over Amarillo

Here is what we find on the streets of Amarillo.

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