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ZZ Top is going to be back in Yellow City on June 10. This got me wondering if I could find footage of ZZ Top performing here on YouTube while I wait.

There wasn't a ton of footage, though I was able to find a couple of videos. The crazy thing is, they're of the same song. The video was taken in 2012, and shows ZZ Top performing "Legs."

I don't know if I'm just now noticing, or if there really is an uptick in the number and caliber of entertainers being brought in to Amarillo. Kansas, Tim Allen, ZZ Top, and there's even more on the way. I just don't think I can spill the beans on what I know yet.

I saw a news article out of Lubbock recently discussing their city losing artists. Are we really hoping to reclaim our spot in the Texas panhandle as the place to find quality entertainment?

I asked around yesterday if this sudden uptick has anything to do with the new auditorium the city wants to build. I didn't get a definitive answer.

If you've been one to complain that Amarillo never has anything to do, or bands to see; that argument is getting harder to make.


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