March got off to a roaring start this year in Amarillo. Hearing about shootings and whatnot isn't exactly uncommon here, but this one is definitely a bit of a different one.

Imagine you're getting a late night/early morning workout in either before you head into work or after you got off of a late night shift.

Then the gun show happens at your workout facility, and I'm not referring to someone showing off their arm muscles.

It happened over at Crunch Fitness at 2020 S. Georgia this morning, and I can't imagine the scene inside. It seems like the parking lot at Crunch over there is relatively filled, no matter the time. I've driven by that parking lot around 1 am and have seen at least 10-15 cars in the parking lot.

I'm sure some of those cars belong to employees, but there's no doubt some of those are people just getting in a workout. At 3:15 am this morning, everything changed. Shots were fired in the gym in what appears to have been a relatively harrowing scene.

When police arrived, witnesses told them a man had been chasing another man around the gym and was firing shots as they moved around the facility.

Can you imagine just getting a run-in on the treadmill, maybe getting some bench press reps in, then all of a sudden you hear a gunshot go off? I don't know about you, but I'd never work out again.

Police did locate and detained both men, and a gun was located. However, no arrests were made and the incident is still under investigation. Thankfully, no one was injured during the incident, but Crunch Fitness and a neighboring business did sustain some damage.

**UPDATE** At 11:36 am, a press release went out stating that APD now has the suspect in custody. He is identified as Nicholas Frasier, a 42-year-old male. He has been charged with two counts of Aggravated assault w/deadly weapon.

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