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That picture up top is one I took earlier this year when people were panic buying toilet paper and paper towels. Remember that?

Last night, I made a normal run to the store. Nothing special. Wife told me we were on the last roll of TP, and I needed to pick up a pack.

When I went to the store, I was in shock. There was no toilet paper to be found. Then I noticed paper towels were almost all gone. All that was left was the cheap generic brand single rolls.

What happened? What massive piece of news did I miss?

Maybe it was some more of those "I have a cousin who has a friend that went to college with a guy who was roommates with this person who married someone in government and they say be ready for Monday," rumors you see on Facebook.

We're not shutting down, at least not today. Our local government doesn't have that option at their disposal. That belongs to our Governor, not our Mayor or the President-Elect (there's a lot of legislative hoops he would have to jump through first), and Abbott's not interested in anymore shutdowns.

I left the first store I stopped at last night empty handed. Thank God I was able to find some at another store up the road. I grabbed one of the last few packs. Hopefully the last few packs went to more than just one person.

Toilet paper and paper towels weren't the only thing missing from store shelves. There was almost no meat to be found. No eggs either.

Hoarding doesn't solve a problem, especially when it comes to those paper items. All it does is create another one that we all have to deal with.

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